Where do badgers live? - Devon Badger Watch
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Where do badgers live?

Badgers and their home

– the sett

Badgers live underground in chambers and tunnels which they dig out. Their home is called a sett

Setts can be all sizes and have any number of entrances

More entrances does not necessarily mean more badgers living in the set, they do ‘move house’ from one part of the set to another.

Not all of the set is used all of the time. It is quite easy to see when an entrance is being used. (see images on the right)


Entrance in recent use.  Note the freshly dug soil on the spoil heap.


Entrance not used recently.  Note the leaves etc. across the entrance.

Digging and Bedding

Badgers LOVE to dig!

Digging and collecting bedding often go together.

Both happen at any time of the year but more often at certain times – for example – around the time the cubs are born or when preparing for the winter.

Bedding is used for warmth and needs to be as dry as possible


Badgers use lots of different materials for bedding, mainly grass & hay, bracken, dry leaves & straw and the green bluebell leaves.