When are badgers active? - Devon Badger Watch
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When are badgers active?

Factors affecting emergence and return

Badgers are active mostly at night

Individuals may leave or return to the sett at very different times.


In general, badgers tend to leave the sett around dusk as shown by the graph below.



Badgers first emmergence when undesturbed.

Source: K R Neal, R A Avery & F Vaughan

What affects badgers emergence or return?


When do badgers return to the sett?


Return times of various resident badgers

From these observations we can see that badgers may leave or return to the sett at very different times, depending on many different things. However, the overall picture is that badgers generally leave the sett around dusk and return before sunrise when it begins to get light.


Badgers do not hibernate but are less active during the winter.