What do badgers eat? - Devon Badger Watch
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What do badgers eat?

Recipes for an adaptable diner

Badgers are omnivores. They will eat many kinds of foods which they come across whilst foraging.

The graphs on the right show how much of each main food badgers probably eat on average. These figures are based on a study carried out over a two year period.

The foods are shown in order of importance starting with worms at the top.

Earthworms are by far the most important element making up over 50% of a badger’s diet for most of the year.

Cereals are not such an important food for our clan as there is not much cereal growth within their territory.

The amount of each food eaten varies from year to year. In very hot, dry summers, badgers are not able to catch so many earthworms, so they will look for more of the other foods.

Other foods eaten (including carrion)