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Visitors Comments


Some of the more recent comments added to our Visitor’s book

Tavistock Group of Devon Wildlife Trust
“Very interesting and informative. A most enjoyable evening. Magical. Thank you.”

The Oglesbys, Derbyshire
“Returning again with great pleasure – well worth the visit from Derbyshire.”

The Nosedens
“A truly amazing experience! Very informative.”

The Matthees
“A wonderful experience – a privilege to see into their private world.”

The Canes
“Absolutely wonderful. The earth declares the glory of God.”

Rebecca (8) and Iona (10)
“Cool! We’ll be back.”

The Forbes, Lyme Regis
“A very professional approach to showing wildlife to the public – better than watching T.V.”

Lizzy Andrews (11)
“I was surprised how quickly they came out and I loved the tunnels and because I love animals so much it was great to see badgers in the wild. Thank you.”

Jonathan Reed (8)
“I thought it was brilliant.”

Paul Moore (13)
“Brilliant, amazing, wonderful, superb, wicked, cool, amazing, fascinating, informative, cool!!! ACE!”

The Hartleys, Hampshire
“Wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you.”

The Hazlehursts, Hertfordshire
“We’ll never forget this day. Thanks.”

The Sandersons
“Words cannot express the overwhelming joy and knowledge we gained from today’s events.”

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