Badger watching tips - Devon Badger Watch
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Badger watching tips


Tips for the best viewing

the following information helps guests make the most of their visit.

Visits usually last

approximately 2 – 3 hours, depending, of course, on the badgers.

Please remember

That the animals we watch are totally wild. If they realise we are there and feel threatened in any way or are disturbed, they may choose not to come out (or to return) until long after we have gone. To help to ensure that people get the most from their visit, we ask everyone to



  • Wear dark, quiet clothing, early and late in the season it can become very cold at night, woollens and many layers are best. Please – no umbrellas, although a waterproof outer layer is recommended for the 450 metre walk to and from the hide.
  • Wear suitable footwear, the path to the hide may be wet and muddy and is steep in places.
  • Arrive in good time, late arrivals would disturb the badgers and spoil everyone’s enjoyment and therefore will not be allowed down to the hide after the main party has left.
  • Ask questions, we love them and will try to answer any you might have before and after the viewing session.


  • Wear perfume/aftershave or smoke, smell is the badger’s most acute sense.
  • Wear bright or noisy clothing, some outer clothing such as leather, waxed or nylon jackets can rustle surprisingly loudly. Please allow for removing these when inside the hide.
  • Talk, when close to or inside the hide. We find that under 7’s generally cannot keep quiet and still for long periods, hence the age limit. Above this limit, parents, you know your children best.
  • Take photographs/video, from the hide or it’s surroundings. Sorry, but this does disturb the badgers. Experience has shown us that it is very difficult to get decent shots of the badgers and our best efforts are on sale at very reasonable cost in the Visitor Centre.

We urge you to do your best to comply with these requests as failure to do so may shorten the amount of time the badgers spend immediately in front of the hide, spoiling everyone’s enjoyment.