A Typical Evening's Viewing - Devon Badger Watch
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A Typical Evening’s Viewing


When you arrive at Devon Badger Watch…

keep a look out for wildlife as you drive in, you may be lucky enough to see many exciting birds and mammals. Buzzard, sparrow hawk, kestrel, bullfinch, swallow, goldfinch, roe deer, red deer, fox, hare and rabbit all share this secluded habitat with us.


We’ll meet you in our visitor centre…

…in the old barn where you can enjoy a leisurely look around our informative display panels which will provide you with some useful information about badgers. You’ll receive a friendly welcome from Anne or Kevin, the owners, and a short introduction that will include what to do and what not to do in order to get the most enjoyment from your visit. Toilet facilities are available should they be needed before we set out.


During our walk to the hide…

…some 450 metres through the fields, you will be enchanted by the beautiful scenery, the bluebell wood (seen at it’s best in May) and the hazel coppice. It is here, as we pass through the coppice, that we will look for signs of the dormice, now sadly rare in much of the UK, and at the many wild flowers indiginous to the area. Whilst in the woods and hide, watch out for woodmice, squirrel, woodpecker, nuthatch, tawny owl and little owl too.


We don’t want to frighten the badgers away!

Once we are comfortably seated inside the hide we watch as the badgers emerge to feed just a few feet away. Remember, from our hide we can view the animals above ground at eye level. Because we watch the badgers very quietly, they usually come up above ground very early in the evening. This means that most watches take place mainly in daylight. It is only in the early spring and late autumn that we have to use artifical lighting.


Oh my! Wild badgers right before your eyes



Whilst waiting and watching
listen …

…to an informative taped commentary about badgers, their lifestyle and some of the problems which they face. Much of the farmland around us is used for dairy and beef cattle and we try hard to give an accurate, balanced view of how badgers and farmers affect each others lives.

Tawny owls often nest nearby and whilst in the hide you may have the opportunity to see young owlets through our specially installed video camera inside the nesting box.


When the badgers decide to leave us…

…and go about their nightly business, usually after anything up to 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours, it will be time for us to leave the hide. We make our way back along the now illuminated track, looking out for the owls as we go.

This return walk can be another magic moment in the evening, with the hooting of the owls and the smell of the flowers and vegetation exciting your senses.


Back at the barn…

…there is a chance to discuss what we have seen or to ask any questions you may have been saving up during the quiet time at the hide.
You can also take time to browse through our select range of pictures, souveniers and gifts. We also have a visitor’s book into which we hope you will enter some comments about your visit.